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Mosaicollage wall hanging "The Candle wick trembles like a Heart"

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The first time I saw medieval reliquaries and book covers, I was blown away, imagining the joy and devotion the artists must have felt, like there could never be enough beauty to fully honor their holy objects. Flash forward many centuries to me--no precious metals, no rubies or sapphires, no saints' relics to house, just wooden boxes, imo clay, beads, and odd bits or jewelry--and a desire to capture the spirit of over-the-top abundance and joy. These are more whimsical, less precious, designed to hang on a wall or house mundane objects like jewelry or paper clips, but I hop that they will provide a reminder of the abundance and beauty around us--even now. This hanging is 12"x10"x2", with beaded dangles. Recycled jewelry, wood, handmade tiles. Free shipping (choose option 1 at checkout). In-person pickup in Duluth also available.

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