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Deborah Birkeland


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Silver Bay
  • USA
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  • Drawing & Painting
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As one who let's her passions and emotions inform her art, Deborah Birkeland seeks to capture the beautiful landscapes on the North Shore of Lake Superior through expressionistic watercolor and acrylic paints.
Extended Artist Statement
A few years ago, I decided to jump out of an airplane. Actually, I fell
out of a plane at 13,000 feet strapped to the body of a skydiver! It was one of those turning point moments in life when you say, “if I can do that, I can do anything I never thought I could do.” Thus began my personal journey with art.

I had no prior artistic training, but true to my “anything is possible” personality, I started by painting one of my grandchildren in oils. No one said it would be so hard! But, once I engaged heart to brush and paint to canvas, I was hooked. I now paint in oils, acrylics, and watercolor, and celebrate a new season of joy as I embrace the budding Artist within.

I am mostly self taught, take art workshops and paint Plein air (in real life) whenever possible. Along the way, I have found wonderful artistic and talented mentors who have infinite patience with my spontaneity and are willing to share their wisdom and encouragement in this creative journey. I am especially grateful to an amazing group of Finland artists, and watercolorist William Wise in Duluth who has opened my eyes and heart to “see” the story art can tell.

Lake Superior has been my heart home for over 50 years, and since my retirement four years ago, my permanent home. I love the rhythmic movement of crashing waves, the beckoning cliffs and palisades, rippling rivers and thundering waterfalls, and the iconic landscapes that bring beauty and joy to every season on the North Shore. To capture a glimpse of God’s beautiful creation in art, and share it with others for whom it gives meaning is the gift of artistic expression. That is why I paint, and why as long as I have seasons of life, they will be seasons of joy!
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Cove Point Lodge gallery in Beaver Bay, MN
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North Shore Area Partners in Silver Bay, MN

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