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Marti Mullen

Marti Mullen Art


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Marti Mullen Art
Silver Bay
  • USA
Art Mediums
  • Drawing & Painting
  • Jewelry & Metalsmithing
Short Artist Statement
I create primarily from a place of intuition, letting my brush or other tools create layers of complexity or scrape back to reveal hidden layers in my work.
Extended Artist Statement
My abstracted art comes from the place inside me where intuition flows and is profoundly impacted by my love of, and respect for, the natural world.

While I spent a career in software development and technology, I began learning jewelry making and metalsmithing as an outlet for creativity. An encounter with breast cancer and chemo brain altered my life and resulted in my husband and me moving up to Minnesota’s North Shore where I also began painting and embraced art as a new avocation.

My art is primarily spontaneous and expressive as I bring to life what lives in my heart and imagination. I work in multiple mediums but all my art is characterized by being abstracted and emotive and uses mark making or alterations of form to add complexity and reveal hidden layers.
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Cove Point Lodge, Beaver Bay, MN

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