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Maxene Linehan


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Mixed Media & Collage
  • USA
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  • Drawing & Painting
  • Fiber Art
  • Mixed Media & Collage
  • Photography
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  • Sculpture & Metalwork
Short Artist Statement
Midwesterner. Good start with creative Mom! Became a teacher, M.A.Ed. at Hamline U. in science and art, enjoy combining the two, with their many connections!
Extended Artist Statement
Art heals- the artist and sometimes the viewer. Art connects and illustrates many realms: history, math, biology, physics, communications, literature, geography, nature, music, even politics and psychology. As a teacher, I am aware that art is important and valuable because it can connect us with everything, and those connections lead to insight and understanding of the ways all things are related. While defending the arts against budget cuts, I discovered that students with a background in the arts generally do better than their peers on academic tests.
I retired after 37 years of teaching, often specializing in art and in the sciences. Gradually, I came to realize the many deep connections between those two disciplines: especially observation, experimentation, creative problem-solving, and imagination. Like science, art requires us to be curious and observant, and to explore new techniques, tools and materials.
It can guide us and enrich our lives, help us with home and garden design and aesthetic choices. As informed citizens our aesthetic sense can influence better decisions by our representatives in local and higher governments.
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Frykman Art of the Elements Gallery, guest artist, 2021, summer 2022, and Art Along the Lake Studio Tour 2022: 306 County Road 44, Grand Marais, MN. (218) 387-1949,

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