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Ceramics & Pottery
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Clay Phoenix
  • USA
Art Mediums
  • Ceramics & Pottery
Short Artist Statement
Functional and sculptural ceramics fired in oxidation and using the Raku method.
Extended Artist Statement
I make functional and sculptural ceramic objects. My functional work consists of familiar forms: mug, bowl, plate, jar, vase. Because these objects are common to every home, I want them to have interest, to be of value to the user beyond their function. Most of my functional work is made with porcelain that is carved, pierced, slipped or altered in some way for interest. Decorative pieces are fired using the Raku method, an ancient Japanese firing method that exposes the clay to violent temperature extremes. The pot’s surface may be deliberately crackled from the intense firing process. Copper flashes can occur randomly. The finishing techniques always result in a one of a kind piece.
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Gallery1 and Other Locations
Sivertson Gallery, in beautiful Grand Marais, Mn.
Gallery2 and Other Locations
The Big Lake, in beautiful Grand Marais, MN

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